1 Day to Go!

Just 1 day to go of my fabric diet/fast. I haven’t managed to finish a quilt top so I’m making it to the end of May instead.

So if I can just make it through tonight then I’ve done it 🙂


Lovely friend

I’m so lucky!  Look what arrived in the post this week

completely out of the blue. A just because present from someone who had no idea about my fabric diet.  I’m so lucky to have such a lovely friend xxx

I’m a Winner

My fabric diet is going really well. After considering all of the possible workarounds I entered a giveaway on the Patchwork Elephant Facebook page & I won!

I won myself this pretty FQ bundle


It’s Michael Miller Saltwater & it’s so pretty. If you want to get yourself the bundle here’s the link to Patchwork Elephant

Missing You

I’m hoping to get some sewing done this morning. I’ve not had chance since last Thursday. I only got my (latest) sewing machine at the beginning of April, but I do love her & try to use her every day even if it’s only for 10 minutes.  As I don’t have a sewing room you’ll always find her set up on the dining table.  I haven’t named her yet, do you name your sewing machines?

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to be working on. I really ought not start anything new but I keep seeing things that I’d love to do. I’m not normally one for wanting to follow patterns but I’ve got my eye on a world map appliqué quilt pattern I found on Craftsy (I think it’s by Shwin&Shwin) & I’m loving the scrappy quilt along over on the Sewn by Leila blog, but I’m not sure I have enough scraps to join in.

Perhaps I should just crack on with my log cabin. I don’t think I’ve picked it up for about 18 months. I was going to piece it all using Tilly who is my hand Singer machine but it’s hard going & that’s kind of put me off a bit. I certainly need to find my mojo again for this project.

Missing you my lovely nameless sewing machine, hopefully see you after I’ve done the nursery run xxx

*Adding photos & proper links later*

Austerity Measures

I’ve put myself on a diet, a fabric diet!  *hears gasps of horror*

NO new fabric purchases!

Absolutely NONE!

Until I either finish a quilt top, or it’s the end of May.  I keep thinking about my current projects & I’m sure I need to buy extra fabric to finish all of them 😮.   I think I’ll just have to work on what I can

It’s a bit of a test of willpower too. I even went to a fabric shop yesterday & only came out with the thread I went in to buy (and an extra reel). I was strong & didn’t actually look at anything other than thread so I wasn’t tempted.  It was a bit of a cheat of willpower because I only buy from this particular shop in an emergency. I refuse to pay £12-13/m for non designer fabric.

I have come up with some potential workarounds.  These don’t count as cheating 😉

Gift  – Would anyone give me some fabric? I did think about giving my 3 year old some money to buy fabric to give to me….hmmm!  I have 3m of vintage fabric whizzing it’s way through the post to me at the moment 😃

Swap – Could I swap some fabric with someone? I already organise a Half Square Triangle swap on one of the patchwork forums.  So I am guaranteed a new fabric fix from that every month, & it comes pre-sewn in ity bity triangles

Win – Could I get lucky enough to win some fabric? With the current giveaways across quilting blog land happening then yes. Assuming I get chance to enter them.

Earn – Is there a way that I could “earn” some fabric? Can I find somewhere that will give me fabric in exchange for writing an article or something similar? Do I have enough loyalty points saved up with any of the online shops to get myself something?


Brain Boiling

I made my first attempt at Foundation Paper Piecing this week at my local quilting group.  It’s a technique that I have been wanting to try for absolutely ages.  I’ve seen so many amazing patterns, but as soon as I read the instructions on how to do Foundation Paper Piecing then my brain would start to overheat.

Well, to be honest I thought that someone showing me how to do it would help, and it did.  I had the “oh, now I get it moment” as I was being shown, but by the time I had pinned the first piece of fabric & chosen the next piece I’d forgotten what I was supposed to do.

It didn’t take too long before I’d worked out what I was actually supposed to do.  I think that sometimes when you are learning a new technique it is better to hand piece as your brain starts to absorb the new information while you are sewing.

So in just over an hour I’d learnt a new technique & hand pieced half a block.  This should set me in good stead as I really want to do a flying geese block as part of my modern version of a sampler quilt.

Foundation paper piecing WIPMy brain had also started to boil & I had a stinking headache, but it was sooooo worth it 🙂