Austerity Measures

I’ve put myself on a diet, a fabric diet!  *hears gasps of horror*

NO new fabric purchases!

Absolutely NONE!

Until I either finish a quilt top, or it’s the end of May.  I keep thinking about my current projects & I’m sure I need to buy extra fabric to finish all of them 😮.   I think I’ll just have to work on what I can

It’s a bit of a test of willpower too. I even went to a fabric shop yesterday & only came out with the thread I went in to buy (and an extra reel). I was strong & didn’t actually look at anything other than thread so I wasn’t tempted.  It was a bit of a cheat of willpower because I only buy from this particular shop in an emergency. I refuse to pay £12-13/m for non designer fabric.

I have come up with some potential workarounds.  These don’t count as cheating 😉

Gift  – Would anyone give me some fabric? I did think about giving my 3 year old some money to buy fabric to give to me….hmmm!  I have 3m of vintage fabric whizzing it’s way through the post to me at the moment 😃

Swap – Could I swap some fabric with someone? I already organise a Half Square Triangle swap on one of the patchwork forums.  So I am guaranteed a new fabric fix from that every month, & it comes pre-sewn in ity bity triangles

Win – Could I get lucky enough to win some fabric? With the current giveaways across quilting blog land happening then yes. Assuming I get chance to enter them.

Earn – Is there a way that I could “earn” some fabric? Can I find somewhere that will give me fabric in exchange for writing an article or something similar? Do I have enough loyalty points saved up with any of the online shops to get myself something?



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