A Quilt from Nothing

I love scrappy quilts & I love anything quirky so when I came across That Quirky, Scrappy Quilt Along I knew I just had to join in. Look at this design, isn’t it just so gorgeous!!  
(Image from Sewn)

It was organised by Leila over on her blog, if you don’t follow her blog then check it out, she’s just lovely. Not that I’ve ever met her, that’s just the way that she comes over in her writing
Anyways, being so new to quilting I knew that I didn’t have enough scraps to make the quilt. So I popped it on the back boiler. Followed the rest of her posts with interest & coo’d over the final quilt. But still knew it would be a while off before I’d have enough scraps
So this morning I was making up some half square triangles using half square triangle paper (but that’s a whole different post) & I looked at the scraps & thought to myself, they’d be perfect.
A neaten up & a couple of seams & ta da my first 2 blocks.

 I figure if I use my scraps as I go then I’ll actually have all of the blocks for the quilt top without even noticing I’m making it!
Perfect, a quilt from nothing 🙂 


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